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Donelist - not todo list

Reward yourself for completed tasks 

I could never really use TODO lists. In my mind people don’t want to find out what was planned to be done but what was actually done today, followed by what needs to be done next. This concept has been working for me for the past few months and I am ready to move this idea from paper and pencil to a web app. Here’s how I structure my done list:

  • When I start my day, I look at the tasks that need my attention.
  • (Important) This is not a list of tasks to be done today. This is a rolling list of tasks that need to be completed.
  • I may rearrange the tasks based on priority or changes in my schedule
  • There are tasks I need to do everyday, like 30 minutes workout, run/walk/bike, breathe which may not get done everyday but will always roll into the next day
  • There are tasks that need to be done every week on a specific day, like send status report on Friday or file timesheets. How does this help me:
  • Arranging my list like this allows me to get stuff done.
  • It helps me feel like I have accomplished something at the end of the day
  • It ensures that I include tasks for me, that help me achieve the nirvana
  • It ensures that I can set the expectation with people I work with. I can be very confident of delivering my commitments What will the web app enable
  • Maintain a list of tasks that need to be done
  • Maintain a list of tasks that need to repeat everyday or every specific interval
  • Track done tasks including daily tasks. This will help me track things like how many days in a week I kept my workout schedule.
  • The app will allow me to move and prioritize one time tasks.
  • The app will allow me to estimate the amount of time it will take me to complete all my tasks. Hopefully this will be Simple and will improve my productivity even further, and save paper 😀 Also, secretly, hopefully I am not the only person who will use this app